Web & Graphic Design Solutions
Web Design Solutions in West Lothian Scotland Services for a build may include any or all services list to the right. Although here at Wyze-Up we believe that one of the most important skills in business is communication with a customer, we are well aware that this is not enough on itís own.

We do know it does not make a good Web Design Solution Package or give you the confidence to know that we can build you a dynamic professional clean-cut website but, we do believe it will aid the process.

For this reason we have listed a few of the skills we use during the build process. For more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us; flexibility is part of our ethos.
"Affordable Web Design & Design Solutions in

Livingston, West Lothian Scotland"
Web Design Price Guide: A basic static 5-10 page website build inclusive of pre-build consultation, design solution portfolio, final hard copy of the website if required and all other relevant content and work carried out will come to an approximate cost of between £500-£700. This price is dependent on design features, for example any extra Graphic Design or Photographic work required as part of the project.

For larger Web design Solutions with graphic design requirements or CMS features required additional cost will be incurred. These will all be discussed in the initial consultation with the client to avoid any hidden costs. Prices for a larger website can vary greatly for example a static 20 page website that may cost between £700 - £1,000 to much larger CMS based websites inclusive of all services offered that can vary from £1,000 upwards.

Website Maintenance: Maintaining your website can be both time consuming and costly. Either you may not have the time to edit the web pages yourself or you are unsure how to do this yourself. And, sometimes trying to alter the web page coding yourself can end up being more costly in the long run.

Different companies may require different varying levels of amendments and alterations to be carried out regularly on a site. Therefore different packages are available to support the individual needs of your business.

All maintenance packages will include the following services: A Website Maintenance package will vary in price dependent on the volume and type of work required for the individual client. Basically each package can be tailor made to meet your specific needs at an affordable price, packages can be purchased for a 6 month or 12 month period.

A basic price guideline for a website maintenance package will vary between £500 - £1000 per year, this being inclusive of all the points noted above. For example, on a £500 per annum package this works out at less than £10 per week!

All maintenance packages come with a guarantee of all work to be carried within a week of receiving maintenance work to be carried out. If a more responsive packages is required this will incur a higher package cost which can be discussed when package is set up for the clients specific needs.

Please note any further projects or major rebuild work involved during the course of a website maintenance package will be agreed upon and billed separately from the main contract.